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RUE STUDIOThe Outfit Repeating brand

Founder Story

About Rue Studio

If there's one thing that's certain in the fashion industry, it’s that fashion ALWAYS comes back in style. If you're like me, that's the main reason that you HATE getting rid of any of your clothes because you KNOW you’ll end up rebuying something similar a few months later!


But the AHA moment for Rue Studio came from that along with an article I read that said “ if we can extend a product's lifespan by only NINE months, we can help reduce our carbon footprint by up to 30%”.

And that is how Rue Studio - the outfit repeating brand was born! Our ethos focuses on designing specifically for outfit repeating so that...


You don't have to keep spending your money on fad pieces that end up in landfill after only a few wears.


You never have to have that feeling of “ I have nothing to wear” because we design each piece with design features that give you endless styling possibilities


By embracing our Outfit Repeating ethos you are becoming more fashion conscious and are doing your part to not add to landfill and therefore help to reduce your carbon footprint


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